New Chairman & National Committee for Leading Trade Body

The Surface Engineering Association represents the interests of companies across the whole of the surface engineering sector from precious metal electroplating through to high-tech aerospace applications and was formed in 1997 by the amalgamation of the Metal Finishing Association (MFA) and the British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association (BSTSA). They were joined in 1999 by the Paint & Powder Finishing Association (PPFA), in 2000 by the Contract Heat Treatment Association (CHTA) and in 2005 by the Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre (WHTC).

Although the SEA is a relatively young organisation, the MFA’s beginnings can be traced back to 1887, when the Platers’ and Gilders’ Trade Section of the Birmingham Jewellers’ & Silversmiths’ Association was formed.

A trade association plays an extremely important role in any industry. Whether promoting best practice, offering advice and guidance, or making sure their voice is heard where rules and regulations are laid down, a trade association always has its members and the industry’s best interests at heart.

At its recent Biennial General Meeting held at Thorpe Park Hotel on the outskirts of Leeds, a new Chairman was elected to lead the Association for the next 2 years. Mr Lee Grant, Managing Director of Stainless Plating Ltd replaced Mr Stephen Parkes, now the Deputy Chairman.

The New National
Committee Members are:
Stainless Plating Ltd. – Mr Lee Grant (SEA Chairman)
Swinton Electro Plating Ltd. – Mr Godfrey Evans (SEA Vice Chairman)
Stephen Parkes Consultancy – Mr Stephen Parkes (SEA Deputy Chairman)
A-Gas Electronic Materials – Mr Graham Woodward
Anopol Ltd. – Mr John Swain
Ashton & Moore Ltd. (SEA Standards Committee Chairman) –
Dr Keith Tucker
British Metal Treatments – Mr William Kenny
BSTSA Secretary – Mr William Southworth
CHTA Secretary – Mr Alan Hick
Frost Electroplating – Mr Mark Griffiths
Hart Materials Ltd. – Dr Anthony Hart
Hauck Heat Treatment Ltd. (CHTA Chairman) – Mr Andy Borg
Heat Treatment 2000 Ltd. – Mr Paul Handley
MSC/Copperflow Ltd. – Mr David Nabb
Plating Solutions – Mr John Torr
Poeton Industries Ltd. – Mr Lyndon Follows
SEA Honorary President – Mrs Linda Evans MBE
Serfilco International Ltd. (BSTSA Chairman) – Mr Rob Sawyer
South West Metal Finishing Ltd. – Mr Paul Jacobs   

With so many benefits of being a member, it’s surprising how many companies still don’t belong to a trade association.

Why should you be a member of a trade association?

With so many codes of practice, regulations and legislation that every company has to comply with, it’s impossible to have time to read them all, let alone understand the implications for your company. Your trade association, however, will have a handle on all of these that affect the industry you are involved in and they will be there to give you advice and guidance on what you need to do.

In addition, in the case of companies working in the surface finishing industry, without representation on the committees that make legislation, it might make it impossible for them to carry out certain processes and use particular chemicals at all. The Surface Engineering Association (SEA) makes sure that the industry is represented on these committees and that it is not adversely harmed by future legislation.

Don’t be left out in the cold!

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