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BCF calls for further changes to UK REACH after small step in the right direction

The British Coatings Federation has welcomed recent proposed changes to the forthcoming UK REACH regime as a small but welcome step in the right direction. However, it has also warned that these changes alone will not be enough to prevent the coatings sector – and wider chemicals industry - from being hit hard financially under the new post-Brexit regime. This is because it does still not resolve the underlying, inherent problems with the proposed UK REACH system namely duplication of the EU REACH system and re-registration of all substances in a new database. It is this wholesale re-registration – including full data dossiers duplicating registrations already held in the EU REACH system - which will prove so bureaucratic, burdensome, and costly to business.

Powder Coating & Substrate Pretreatment

The quality of any powder coating relies on its ability to adhere to the substrate. If there is no ‘key’ to adhere to, or the substrate could oxidise, then no matter the quality of the powder coating that is applied, it simply will not adhere over time.

New PhoenixTM Thermal View Software . . . New Paint Cure Analysis Power

PhoenixTM has released a new version of Thermal View Finishing software complimenting it range of thru-process temperature profiling systems used in the Coating industry. The Finishing software brings some significant new analysis and reporting features designed specifically for temperature monitoring paint and powder cure processes.

Pandemic focuses manufacturing companies on the need to rethink UK support

The current Covid19 situation has exacerbated the massive hole in the UK servicing and support market for hermetically sealed degreasing systems. Traditionally many engineering companies have depended upon European engineers travelling to the UK to undertake not only basic maintenance and servicing but also to solve ongoing issues. As well as proving to be expensive the entire concept has often involved “grouping” service visits between operators in an attempt to minimise costs as far as possible. This has frequently resulted in significant delays in support, sometimes to the detriment of ongoing system integrity.

New Lanemark process gas burner installations bring clear gains to dumper truck manufacturing

The latest process gas burner technology from Lanemark Combustion Engineering Ltd. is now helping one of the country’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment to benefit from optimised energy usage and minimised emissions. Warwickshire-based Thwaites Ltd., who provide a wide range of dumper truck designs particularly to the construction industry, have replaced two well-proven existing Lanemark FD5EP-3 burner installations with the company’s latest force-draught gas and air FD5GAP-3 models. The result is a combination of excellent heat control and an anticipated, significant saving in gas usage.

Pangborn Holdings LLC Names Mark Campbell as new President

Pangborn, a global leader in surface preparation solutions, announced Mark Campbell as their new President, effective immediately. As President, Campbell will have responsibility for the company’s operating units in the Americas. He will report directly to Doug Basler, Chairman of United Generations, LLC, the family-owned holding company of Pangborn Holdings LLC.

Straaltechniek UK Ltd working hard to support customers during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Straaltechniek UK Ltd, like many other companies have had to adjust the way the business functions to enable a safe working environment for their staff during the very difficult situation the UK and the rest of the world are experiencing during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The versatility of each department and the members of staff within these departments coming together at such a troublesome time has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company and allowed Straaltechniek UK to still produce and supply parts as well as many other services over the past few months with the intention of continuing to provide these services for the foreseeable future.

A note from Surface Worlds energy partner – LSI Energy

We hope that you and your families are well and that your operations are holding up during these trying times.LSI Energy have spent a large amount of time ensuring that our teams can work remotely and continue to deliver quality services to our clients. Please be assured that our staff will be available to assist business with their energy needs as normal.We are acutely aware of the impact the current COVID‐19 situation can pose and so wanted to offer some advice to businesses to hopefully take energy contracts off the list of concerns.