Informative Articles

Tailored inspection plan for quality control of rack plating

Quality control plays an important role in rack plating, as it is the process used to finish geometrically complex parts that cannot be successfully coated using other processes. Fischer Instrumentation explains how its bespoke inspection software and powerful FMP100 handheld meets the stringent quality procedures demanded of rack plating.

Masking material - Making it easy

Help with choosing materials for maskingWhen it comes to custom molded masking, a good masking supplier will have access to a range of materials. Here is an overview of a few of the materials that can be used to manufacture masks.

New Chairman & National Committee for Leading Trade Body

The Surface Engineering Association represents the interests of companies across the whole of the surface engineering sector from precious metal electroplating through to high-tech aerospace applications and was formed in 1997 by the amalgamation of the Metal Finishing Association (MFA) and the British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association (BSTSA). They were joined in 1999 by the Paint & Powder Finishing Association (PPFA), in 2000 by the Contract Heat Treatment Association (CHTA) and in 2005 by the Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre (WHTC).

Tanker unloading applications

The mag-drive pump has long been an important pump design in the heavy chemical and pharmaceutical industry, finding its way into some of the most arduous applications, and proving to offer extended operating life, as well as zero emission into the atmosphere of toxic, corrosive or explosive liquor or vapour.

Blow me down! Kate Querelle of Veolia Water Technologies looks at how energy efficiency can be improved by water treatment . . .

When it comes to energy savings in boiler systems the focus is usually on burner efficiency, but improving boiler water treatment can significantly reduce energy costs. In the 200 years since Trevithick’s Cornish engines, boiler technology has driven both operating pressures and heat transfer rates ever upwards, and this means that water treatment is critical, so let’s see how water treatment can help.