Informative Articles

Jacquet Weston Engineering brings ‘energy chain’ cable management to installation design

Enhanced efficiency and simplified installation and maintenance are the direct result of the latest evidence of ‘continuous improvement’ by process line specialist Jacquet Weston Engineering (JWE). The company is now incorporating energy chain cable management and distribution systems into all of its relevant installations ensuring each customer gains further from this key part of each installation.

Avoid risk in the workplace by staying aware of ‘invisible’ health hazards

Health hazards in the metal industry are sometimes overlooked as workers are focused on the more visible dangers, such as heavy machinery and forklift trucks. While it is essential that people pay attention to these risks, it is just as important that the invisible hazards are not ignored as they can cause long-lasting damage. Recent campaigns have highlighted the need for employers to concentrate on the ‘health’ part of ‘health and safety’ to avoid long-term health effects caused at work, an initiative whole-heartedly supported by 3M. This focus follows recent statistics which have revealed that while the number of workplace fatal injuries is at their lowest in 20 years, the number of health problems caused at work in the UK is on the rise!