Revolutionary Aqueous Cleaning Solutions by Kemet for a Wide Range of Applications

Cleaning and surface preparation are critical for achieving exceptional quality in finished parts and products. The demand for high-quality coatings and improved performance is driving customers to seek the best ultrasonic cleaning process available. To achieve this, it is essential to consider various parameters and options when selecting the right cleaning process.

The formulation of a detergent used in the cleaning process is a crucial factor. It must be carefully considered and tailored to the specifics of the substrate and the impurities to be removed from the surface. The preparation and after-cleaning steps are also critical in determining the success of the cleaning process.

Advanced protective additives have made it possible to safely and efficiently clean even the most sensitive metal parts in a water-based cleaning system, without damaging the substrate or using harmful solvents. This is a significant advancement in the cleaning industry and demonstrates the progress made in the development of eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

NGL Cleaning Technology specialises in the production of a broad range of ecological aqueous solutions that meet the most demanding cleaning requirements. These solutions comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 standards and are suitable for cleaning medical devices, with many of them undergoing biocompatibility validation tests in accordance with ISO 10993-18.

The advancement of cleaning technologies has also been driven by environmental concerns. The scientists at the Application Centre at NGL have conducted extensive research and experiments to develop cleaning solutions that meet the highest environmental standards. They are also available to advise industrialists on the proper management of waste water.

In the UK, NGL is represented by Kemet International Ltd. Kemet offers a wide range of standard ultrasonic cleaning machines and bespoke, multi-tank cleaning systems. If you are in need of aqueous cleaning solutions and services, contact Kemet at 01622 755287 or email for further information.