Advanced Modified Alcohol Cleaning Solution: Achieving Superior Results

A remarkable success story is centred around a precision mechanics firm in the hydraulics industry. Founded in 2002 by a trio of engineers, the business swiftly earned recognition as a dependable subcontractor specialising in the production of intricate mechanical components. This Italian firm has achieved impressive growth, expanding from a small establishment to a thriving organisation with over thirty staff members and an annual turnover of nearly €4 million. They work with various materials and prioritise performance-oriented technologies to stay competitive. Their production plant is well-equipped with machining centres, turning machines, and the capability to perform multiple processes. Attention to detail and precision are crucial as their manufactured goods play a critical role in integrated systems. Lubricants are used during production, including one suitable for aluminium processing. The workpieces undergo meticulous cleaning at the end of the production cycle to ensure the removal of impurities and oil residues, facilitating further processing or downstream assembly.

The company's existing water-based cleaning system proved inadequate and inefficient, incurring disposal expenses every three months. To enhance operational efficiency, the company recognised the need to upgrade its parts-cleaning process. While exploring alternative cleaning technologies at a trade show, they came across IFP, a reputable manufacturer of modified alcohol cleaning machines. The company was granted an opportunity by the IFP to perform cleaning trials and comparative tests on their equipment. They also recommended the use of SAFECHEM's modified alcohol solvent, DOWCLENE™* 1601, for optimal cleaning results. Based on multiple trials, assessments, and positive feedback from other companies that had adopted modified alcohol cleaning machines, the company decided to invest in an industrial solvent cleaning machine from IFP, running on DOWCLENE™* 1601. IFP suggested the use of DOWCLENE™* 1601, a high-performance and virgin-grade solvent with non-polar and partially polar properties, for optimal cleaning results. This solvent efficiently removes oils, greases, and certain polar contaminants.

Kemet, a renowned name in the precision cleaning industry, is the exclusive distributor of IFP solvent cleaning machines in the UK. With Kemet's longstanding reputation for excellence, our customers gain access to cutting-edge cleaning technology. As an authorised distributor, our primary aim is to deliver exceptional customer service and technical support, ensuring that our clients achieve the best cleaning results possible with IFP's innovative machines. Our team of experts provides customised solutions tailored to each customer's specific needs, whether it involves improving cleaning efficiency, reducing costs, or enhancing overall performance. We are confident that our partnership with IFP allows us to offer the finest precision cleaning solutions available in the market.

Employing a modified alcohol cleaning solution offers several advantages, including increased flexibility, time savings, and reduced energy expenses. The selection of both the cleaning machinery and the cleaning solution is crucial in achieving optimal cleaning results. DOWCLENE™* 1601, renowned for its remarkable solvent power, process stability, and dependability, is an ideal selection for achieving exceptional cleaning results. Univar Solutions distributes this solvent using the SAFE-TAINER™ System, an innovative risk management solution created by SAFECHEM. This system ensures the secure and sustainable transportation, storage, and handling of the solvent. To maintain the quality of the DOWCLENE™* 1601 cleaning solvent and identify any possible adverse variations, the company employs SAFECHEM's MAXICHECK™ DCL 1-N solvent control kit. These observations are diligently recorded in an operating diary and shared with SAFECHEM for evaluation and consultation purposes.

The utilisation of a modified alcohol cleaning solution brings various benefits, including improved flexibility, time efficiency, and reduced energy expenses. The combination of IFP's state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and the distinct properties of DOWCLENE™* 1601 has not only enhanced cleaning performance but also resulted in productivity and cost advantages. The latest cleaning equipment allows for the simultaneous cleaning of four trays containing different metals in a single cycle, along with automated spraying of protective oil on washed components. Additionally, the optimised drying feature has eliminated the need for blow-drying small components, leading to reduced energy consumption and financial gains. The company's General Manager highly praises the IFP machine and DOWCLENE™* 1601 for their impressive and efficient results. The company recommends this solution to other businesses in need of metal parts cleaning.