Thermasets primer series exceeds customer expectations in the dual coating system sector

Thermaprime is a series of primers, manufactured by Thermaset, they have been specifically designed to provide coating solutions for a variety of applications. These primers when used as a dual coat with a suitable topcoat application can offer many benefits.

Thermaset have designed this range to provide longer life expectancy for coatings by offering the benefits of chemical resistance, anti-corrosion properties, edge cover performance and outgassing solutions, all of which can affect the life expectancy of a paint finish.

Here at Thermaset we understand that our customers have requirements for technical solutions in their application process and have also acknowledged the growing demand for enhanced corrosion protection. When using the Thermaprime series in a dual system with one of our topcoats which can be supplied from our extensive stock range, we believe that this series will offer a solution.              

The Primers in this series include PBP 110 Epoxy Barrier Primer, PPC 120 Anticorrosive Primer, PZP 130 Zinc Primer and AGP 135 Antigassing Primer. Each has their own unique set of properties to enhance the longevity of pre-treated metal components.

Thermasets Thermaprime series will offer enhanced field life on heavy goods machinery, agricultural machinery or any ferrous or non-ferrous components that are subjected to external environments.

The benefits will be apparent in increased life expectancy, reduced process time/costs to alternative coating processes, a reduction in requirement for remedial work and of course will add aesthetic value to any premium component.

For more detail on each of the primers, we have broken down each one to easily see the benefits, this will help decide which product best suits the application being considered.

The Epoxy Barrier Primer (TLE-C540-M) has been designed to offer a smooth level base that will hide minor imperfection in substrates. It presents itself well with excellent adhesion properties for topcoat giving overall smooth aesthetic appearance. Edge cover is a key property to this application as its ideal to protect against corrosion on sharp edges that have been for example laser cut.

Thermasets Anticorrosion Primer (TLM-G087-S) is a primer coating that has been designed to offer enhanced anti-corrosive properties and will offer extra life expectancy to a coating system. This primer also has good edge cover characteristics and offers up a good level preparation for topcoat application.

The Zinc Primer (TLE-6226-M) is a leading first-class primer offering exceptional anti-corrosive protection for ferrous metals in the most severe conditions. This product applied with a topcoat returns superior salt spray test results.

Finally, the Antigassing Primer (TLM-G080-S). This has been designed to offer excellent antigassing properties. Aesthetics of fabrications that are galvanised or metal castings that are prone to outgassing will be much improved through the addition of this primer coat.

Having seen so much success with the release of this range, Thermaset will be continuing to develop new products adding further additions to this range, that will further benefit our customers.                                 

Thermaset ltd continue to focus on listening to our customers, also acknowledging what the demands of the UK market are, we will therefore continue to develop products that provide coating solutions with the focus on added value.