The Southern Branch – “All in the Air”

The Southern Branch of the IMF held a mini symposium entitled “All in the Air” on Tuesday 23rd May at Farnborough Air Services Trust (FAST Museum) in Farnborough Hampshire.

Our hosts for the evening were the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST). The Trust was set up in 1993 to campaign against the threatened total destruction of Britain’s premier historic aviation research site and the dispersal or loss of priceless artefacts recording the history of almost a century of continuous aviation R & D at Farnborough.

The FAST museum was opened to the public in 2003 is now recognised internationally as the showcase for the key technological developments undertaken since the early days of military flying and our seminar visitors were given the opportunity to look around the museum prior to the seminar.

The four presentations (which were designed to fit into the aerospace industry) were
as follows:

1) A brief introduction on NADCAP.

2) Material Finishing in Aerospace Engineering.

3) ISO Standards (Where are we now?).

4) Development of selectively metallised 3D Polymer Surfaces.

NADCAP presented by Martin Trigg-Hogarth of Poeton gave an insight into what is now required from organisations that wish to attain NADCAP for supplying into the aerospace industry and obtain what he termed as “The Golden Ticket”.

Material Finishing in Aerospace Industry was presented by Graham Armstrong from Indestructible Paints.
Graham has presented to us before, but this time the emphasis was on the use of paints in extreme conditions such as in jet engine environments and the hydraulics of the landing gear where hydraulic fluid is extremely damaging to paint.

Our third speaker (Nick Sawyer, Lloyds Register) presented the latest updates on ISO standards 9001 and 14001 : 2015 and how important it is for organisations to be prepared for the new systems that are coming into force in 2018.

The emphasis was on updating the Management system for Quality, Environmental, Leadership, Risk 1 and 2, Clause 7 and 9 and waste.

The final speaker was Daniel Lloyd from Laser Optical Engineering and he gave a talk on the use of lasers in 3D metal connections.

Daniel described how lasers were used, selection of laser for a particular application and also showed videos of lasers in action for cutting, cleaning, marking and adding a second metal to an existing metal.

The evening was a great success and was extremely well attended.

The next seminar for the Southern Branch will be at Lloyds Register Southampton and is in conjunction with the Institute of Welders.

The title of the seminar will be “Let the Sparks Fly” and will be held on Wednesday 4th October.

All will be very welcome.

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John Burgess (Publicity Officer Southern Branch)