The IMF’s “New Website”

The Institute of Materials Finishing is pleased to launch its new modern website which can be found at

After much hard work and much consultation with IMF committees and our developer, we have finally arrived at what we feel is a fresh modern look website which is capable of being used on a tablet and smartphone.

In this modern day world of technology, the importance of website technology is paramount and we hope that you will find the website useful.

We have taken away a lot of the “older material”, archived it and are aiming to keep the new website very much up to date.

The “Breaking News” sector will inform you of new events that may be happening such as upcoming webinars and symposiums and the “Education and Training” sector will supply all the information that is required for all the courses that the IMF provide together with an online application form.

All the webinars are recorded, and we are looking to upload these so that people who may have missed them have the opportunity to listen to them again.

Obviously there have been a few teething troubles on the way but hopefully these are becoming a thing of the past.

Going forward we are looking to providing a “Student membership area where students can log in in order to get any information that they would need for their courses.

I hope that you will find the website informative and useful and if you do find any technical glitches then please let me know.

John Burgess (FIMF)
Chairman M&M committee