Tanky Systems: Setting the standard for surface oil skimming

Oil skimmers. Not very exciting. They live in sumps and wells. Sometimes they are shut in the back of industrial degreasing machines with little natural daylight, lonely. Sometimes they sit on the side of settlement lakes under hot tin roofs like frustrated carp fishermen, ignored by society at large. Unlike carp fishermen however, they do provide a valuable function (no offence). They are removing unwanted oil from the surface of water tanks, thereby greatly reducing the risk of bacteria build up and the foul stench that often accompanies it.

The only love an oil skimmer sees is typically the first day it is installed. The excited (yes really) production engineer unpacks the skimmer, has it installed by minions (yes, all good engineers have minions) and then several engineers and management stand around nodding contentedly as the skimmer belt rotates at a staggering 10 rpm, lapping up oil from the surface of the oil polluted water hole and depositing it in an empty 1 litre ice cream carton (the place where the oil is to be collected is normally an afterthought). The installation is signed off and the skimmer is left to be pampered and cared for by production staff.

The problem is, out of sight is out of mind. If a skimmer stops working, it isn’t obvious. The oil container (which has now been upgraded to a posh new 20 litre sawn off plastic oil drum) does not fill up and overspill onto the floor, so there isn’t an immediate problem. Over days or weeks however the reasons why the skimmer was fitted in the first place return, which include: Bad smells, potential health issues, short chemical life of detergents, contamination of downstream filter beds, poor washing of parts on industrial degreasing machines, changes in fluid pH due to bacteria.

The Sudraker range of hostile environment skimmers from Tanky Systems have now been reliably removing oil from the surface of sumps, coolant trays and hot wash equipment for 18 years.

There are four main areas where Tanky have tackled reliability issues often experienced with conventional skimmers:

1. Broken, worn or torn belts.
Tanky’s unique tank-track belts are strong, chemically resistant, self lubricating and fatigue free – don’t expect to be replacing them!

2. Gearbox output shaft problems.
Our drive shafts are supported either side of the belt between self aligning bearing and flexible drive coupling.
The drive and belt arrangement requires no spring tensioning device or counterweight, meaning far less stress on the drive shaft.

3. Over-heating problems.
Every Tanky skimmer is fitted with an over temperature protection device. For extreme environments we have several options for temperature management within the motor enclosure.

4. Oil outlet blockages.
Oil that is removed is often thick and contaminated with debris. Both the oil outlet and the oil scraper on the Tanky unit are quick and easy to access and clean.

Tanky now offer a range of accessories that make installation a breeze, such as lip mounting brackets, tank-top riser pedestals, oil collection tanks, oil tank detection switches, oil level detection switches and rain cowlings. We are always happy to design and manufacture for any special installation requirements.

Finally the Sudraker range has stretched - literally. The new skimmers are now available in 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 belted versions for extreme oil removal scenarios.

At Tanky we know that installations are seldom straight forward, so we are always on hand to provide technical assistance if needed. We are often asked to get involved with the installation work on site which is great because we get to see an installation first hand and can often offer tips to simplify an installation or maximise the efficiency of a process. Tanky is an ‘Alcumus Safe Contractor’ accredited company.
Tanky can design, manufacture and install pump installations, weirs, fluid level control, settlement tanks, process flow and automation.

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