Pandemic focuses manufacturing companies on the need to rethink UK support

The current Covid19 situation has exacerbated the massive hole in the UK servicing and support market for hermetically sealed degreasing systems. Traditionally many engineering companies have depended upon European engineers travelling to the UK to undertake not only basic maintenance and servicing but also to solve ongoing issues. As well as proving to be expensive the entire concept has often involved “grouping” service visits between operators in an attempt to minimise costs as far as possible. This has frequently resulted in significant delays in support, sometimes to the detriment of ongoing system integrity.

The need for UK based service and support has regularly been highlighted but this has now developed into a critical issue as time passes and degreasing systems remain unserviced and unsupported.

Degreaser Servicing UK, a subsidiary of Standard Industrial Cleaning Systems Ltd. can report a significant increase in demand for the servicing of the “high end” hermetically sealed solvent systems with features such as vacuum drying, regenerable carbon abatement, refrigeration systems and the all-important ppm control which guarantees both operator and environmental protection – Health & Safety always remaining at, or near, the top of the list of concerns.

Whilst software protocols can vary, many component parts demonstrate inter-brand commonality and are readily available here in the UK provided correct component identification and fault diagnosis has been verified. Frequently an initial engineer survey visit with detailed inspection can establish whether the system is demonstrating operational performance issues.

As with all critical manufacturing installations, regular servicing of degreasing systems remains the key to ongoing reliability and this must remain the goal in order to ensure optimum performance with minimum downtime.

With such conflicting news reports as to the potential extent of travel restrictions the writer believes that industry is now increasingly demanding a secure and repeatable service support structure with dedicated UK based engineers.

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