Pre-Treatment Solutions – proud suppliers to Warren Services

Warren Services was founded in 1990 and is based in Thetford Norfolk It is a family run business with circa 100 employees offering high quality manufacture of mechanical / electrical assemblies to agreed schedules offering turnkey solutions in engineering and design.

Factory one located in Fison Way is split into CNC machining, welding, fabrication and finishing and water jet, laser and folding.

In 2014 we completed and opened our second site, just around the corner at Brickfields, this gave us a further 50,000 sq ft. This has given us the space to move our assembly processes over and allows for further development.

The second site was able to facilitate larger assemblies and that is where the Qualicoat journey started. Securing a large contract for the manufacture and assembly of balconies built with Aluminium architectural design for apartment buildings was the first step. Once underway the board embarked on a project to carry out Qualicoat approved Powder Coating. The advantages being:

1)    Cost Saving, we realised that you pay a premium for Qualicoat approved Powder Coating and this was being specified more and more. As we were manufacturing parts transport costs to and from the powder coat contractors bit into our margins. We had to carry excess inventory to allow for parts to be sent away for coating.

2)    Quality, by reducing transportation there was a reduced risk of damage to the parts.

3)    Environment, being a company that cares about our environment by reducing transport we reduced our carbon footprint. We also reduced the amount of plastic being used to protect the parts during transportation. The materials used for wrapping the parts is not re-cyclable.

The first step was to purchase and install the pre-treatment wash which prepares the aluminium for powder coating. A major investment for us but one that eventually brought about the return expected. We did this with the help of Pre-Treatment Solutions based in Coventry (Barry Clements). The water de-ionisation facility was installed using a local company.

There is a process of in-depth checks and record keeping discipline to be followed to meet the stringent Qualicoat specification. This required a small office type area, our lab, and a chemical testing area with all the necessary equipment to carry out the tests. Equipment supplied by Elcometer with the two staff trained in how to use them correctly. We used a local process engineer (Steve Gowers), who we have used before, to help set up the systems and advise on the record keeping as well as liaise with Qualicoat and Pre-Treatment Solutions for advice, queries inspections etc. Barry & Steve were known by the Warren team as the grey haired old boys in the Hi-Viz jackets

Although the journey has been tough at times achieving the Qualicoat licence is something everyone at Warren Services is immensely proud of.

Telephone: +44 (0) 2475 090 133