Performance, Productivity and Sustainability are the strengths of the new Nanogun Airmix®

French manufacturer since 1925, SAMES KREMLIN is precursor in the development of breakthrough technologies for spraying and pumping.

The Nanogun Airmix® manual electrostatic spray gun combines the best of SAMES KREMLIN’s know-how: the electrostatic spraying of liquid paints under high pressure with additional air.

Nanogun Airmix® has been specially developed to meet the needs of high-production markets such as aeronautics, agriculture, construction, metal furniture and the transportation and energy markets.

Perfectly suited to medium-viscosity paints, Nanogun Airmix® is available in 2 pressure versions 120 bar and 200, for low and high resistivity products to adapt to all constraints.

Nanogun Airmix® is also distinguished by its low weight and its ergonomics, privileging the maneuverability and comfort of the operator.

Combining the Airmix® spraying and the high voltage ensures an exceptional transfer rate (93%), a control of the regularity of thickness over the entire surface of the piece.

The paint savings contribute to a very fast return on investment (R.O.I.) while preserving the environment.

Reliable, user-friendly and easy to use, the GNM6080 control module also combines advanced curative and preventive maintenance features.

Combined with SAMES KREMLIN Airmix® pumps, the Nanogun Airmix® gun will be the highlight of your production workshop.

Innovate and opt for the brand new Nanogun Airmix® spray gun. Painting has never been easier!

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