Metavate’s innovative Plaforization pretreatment technology

Metavate are the UK and Ireland’s sole distributor of the revolutionary pretreatment technology ‘Plaforization’™.

The process degreases, polymerises and pretreats metal products in just one step with no waste, heat or water required. Treatment times are just 90 seconds and treated parts are immediately protected against flash rust. No need to paint straight away, providing customers with increased flexibility. Parts can be dipped or sprayed and all installations are bespoke. There are products for both wet paint and powder coating and their products can be used on any type of metal. Depending on the level of protection required Metavate’s range of products provide salt spray protection from 600 to 2000+ hours.

This single-stage treatment process offers a faster, easier, greener and more affordable alternative to labour-intensive phosphating.

Metavate have a range of different products which address every type of requirement for individual customers from air-dry products for dip systems, through to products for batch processors and on-line spray tunnels.

Customers are reaping the benefits of systems with;

  • No water
  • No heat
  • No sludge
  • No VOCs

Customers of Metavate have found massive rewards in utilising Plaforization™ processes, one customer said; “We were sceptical at the start, it sounded too good to be true, but after we had the test results back it did just what they said it would. Since then we’ve seen lots of benefits - resolved storage issues, reduced utility costs, reduced water usage, carbon footprint and our production time. We’ve been really impressed.”

Metavate’s processes align with plans to minimise water wastage and promote efficient water usage. These revolutionary solutions also align with the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy - a movement that promotes investment into research and innovation in energy, resource and process efficiency as well as supporting innovative energy technologies and processes.

From furniture and appliances to automotive components and agricultural machinery - Metavate enables clients to look beyond traditional manufacturing standards and implement more sustainable, cost-effective and efficient processes for the future.

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