Lhoist UK & Tennants Distribution: 10 years of success

Now in its tenth year, Lhoist UK reflects positively on the distributor agreement it has with its original partner in the development of Neutralac® SLS45 in the UK, Tennants Distribution.

Initially, Tennants Distribution was appointed to handle the distribution of Neutralac® SLS45 in the UK, with six sales offices and several depots around the UK that could meet customer requirements. Already well-versed in the distribution of over a thousand commodity and speciality chemicals into a multitude of industries, Tennants became a natural fit for Lhoist UK, sharing both its operational values, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction.

“I have seen the Tennants team out in the field, engaging positively with customers on several reagents. The enthusiasm and understanding of Neutralac is evident when it provides the customer with a real solution to issues at their effluent plant” says Xavier Mear, Product Manager at Lhoist UK. “It is an asset to partner with the Distributor that can supply the whole roster of a site’s water treatment needs”.

Neutralac® SLS45 has been successfully deployed in industrial wastewater treatment plants, replacing traditional reagents such as caustic soda, magnesium hydroxide or dated powdered lime systems, providing sites with operational efficiencies and the security of meeting discharge consent limits.

“Having a viable alternative to NaOH has allowed us to discuss effluent treatment with both new and existing customers, to give them the opportunity to improve their respective systems” explains Simon Kelly, at Tennants Distribution. This could not have happened without the support and provision of resource by Lhoist. Whether it be bench testing, samples, technical back up or indeed man power, it is always readily available.”

The year on year growth in Neutralac has been reinforced by Tennants’ organisational structure, providing the necessary geographic reach to service customers across the UK, whilst also harnessing local know-how to make speedy decisions and respond to customers quickly when needed.

In Scotland, via Charles Tennant Distribution, and building on a long history of hydrated lime distribution for Lhoist limes, Ian Young at Charles Tennant led a proactive Operation that introduced Neutralac in a diverse range of industries. He comments: “With our long history together, when Lhoist approached us with a view to working together to explore potential opportunities with their patented new product, we were delighted to accept the challenge. Now, after 10 years of growth and working closely together, the benefits to both companies are obvious”.

“10 years on, I am delighted to see an innovative organisation at all levels, providing the right attitude and logistics network that has supported the growth of Neutralac in the UK and continues to do so” reflects Xavier.

Gwyn Watkins, Commercial Director at Lhoist UK adds: “We are thrilled to be able to work with Tennants Distribution to continue with the expansion of Neutraclac SLS45. We see several industries picking up on the need to be proactive in their effluent management practices and avoid bottlenecks in their production; either brought about by the tightening of discharge consent limits, or simply generating more waste due to increased production output.”

“Our company views health and safety practices and environmental standards as utmost priorities, and we are pleased to see that these high standards are visible in Tennants’ day to day operations also”.

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Email: uksales@lhoist.com
Visit: www.neutralac.co.uk