Kemet provide perfect solutions with a quality glow

At the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technologies, Kemet International Ltd provide innovative solutions to achieve precise geometry and finish. Maintaining this finish is key so Kemet have established strategic partnerships with world leading manufacturers of ultrasonic and vibratory cleaning equipment and aqueous based cleaning fluids.

Kemet offer the Finnsonic range of modular industrial ultrasonic cleaners (45 to 1,200 litres) with rinse tanks, hot air dryers, filtration and transport systems, providing a complete process line. Larger, more complex systems can be designed and manufactured for specific applications - from large single tanks to fully automated mass production systems. Kemet also offers a robust range of bench top cleaners from 5 to 45 litres.

All are designed for use with aqueous detergents, which produce stronger ultrasonic cavitation action than solvents and are more environmentally acceptable. Kemet offer biodegradable cleaning fluids from NGL Cleaning Technology, with over 300 standard cleaning fluids (neutral, alkaline or acid types), including non-foaming products for spray wash systems, all supported by free trials by Kemet’s technical specialists to establish the perfect solution to your cleaning challenges.

It is easier to maintain a high standard cleaning cell if you only need to call one supplier for technical or practical support. Kemet’s strategic partnerships, five countrywide technical sales representatives, internal technical team, and after sales/service departments offer this. Free trials determine optimum processing routes for all lapping, polishing and cleaning challenges.

Recent new additions to the Kemet range include vibratory finishers with agro/pre-treated media for surface brightening/final finish refinement, and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) lines, for non-destructive examination of components. The perfect non-destructive-test (NDT) solution for inspection of components, Liquid Penetrant Testing or (FPI), is commonly used in the aerospace and medical industries. Also designed and built by FinnSonic, the FPI systems have advanced process control that ensures repeatability, process safety and traceability of each batch within the set parameters. The systems meet the ASTM E1417 FPI standard, common to both the aerospace and medical industries. A range of standard systems are available, as well as bespoke, automated/manual combinations to provide flexible, streamlined, maintainable NDT inspection, generating cost savings on process chemicals, labour and energy consumption, while an adjustable layout can provide a small footprint. Fully automated systems have been supplied for airframe components, turbine blades, and medical implants as well as smaller manual systems for less critical parts.

Integrated waste water handling and extraction systems are available as options, along with flexible manual roll tracks, automated roll conveyor immersion for high capacity, mass production with dipping penetrant application, “Dust Storm” developer chambers and integrated pre and post wash.  Further options include material handling and batch traceability via a data log, fully automated penetrant and developer spray, basket rotation, basket trolleys and automatic loading/unloading conveyors. As with Finnsonic’s cleaning machines, these FPI systems are durable, safe, ergonomic and user-friendly.

If you need help or advice on a cleaning challenge contact Kemet International.
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