The Institute of Materials Finishing (Where are we now?)

Have you looked at the website for the IMF lately?Are you a member of the IMF?Are you doing or thinking of doing a Course with the IMF?No! then you may be missing out on some of the new and exciting things that the IMF is now offering.

Since the complete rebuild of the website, we have endeavoured to show how much the IMF has to offer in terms of advice, course work, webinars allied to coursework, IMF magazine, Transactions and much much more.

Students who are on the courses have appreciated the webinars that are now aligned to coursework and have said that this has helped enormously.  All students automatically become a member of the Institute for the period of the course and are entitled to access to the “Members Area”

We have also looked at the “Sustaining Members” area.

Originally the sustaining members were listed on a downloadable pdf document but this has now been improved with a Search Engine allowing specific areas to be used in order to find the best company that may be able to help.

We offer seminars open to all and since the advent of ZOOM we have found that the attendance has increased enormously as there is no need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Subjects, which we feel would be of interest to our members, are chosen.

Our latest “Learn to Paint a Train” will discuss all the aspects of painting trains together with a talk on the looking after a Preservation Society.

It was normal for us to have two seminars a year but now using Zoom we are hoping to have them more regularly.

Going forward we are looking at the possibility of “Live teaching” for students. This will be carried out online and allow students to interact, ask questions and hopefully get a better understanding of the subject.

The IMF is always looking for new members but also looking for members who may be interested in actively take part in the Institute and progressing it forward through the coming years. If you think that you could be that person then please give us a call.

For more information please email Karen Yates:

Telephone: 0121 622 7387