British designer and manufacturer of workplace storage Est.1982 makes significant investment with Gema UK

As part of their on-going investment strategy, Metal Office Equipment have recently finalised the latest step in their production improvement programme, this included a state-of-the-art Gema Magic Compact horizontal powder coating plant.

Est. 1982 by Terry Hunt, Metal Office is an award winning British designer & manufacturer of workplace storage - supplying leading UK furniture dealers and manufacturers with projects at home and overseas.

Manufactured in Suffolk, England from locally sourced materials, where possible, the product range is designed to be 100% recyclable, using the latest technology and energy efficient manufacturing equipment to make exceptional products with minimal impact on the environment.

We discuss this investment with Managing Director Sean Pomfret, who provided some insight into the services and continuous success of one of the UK’s leading furniture equipment business.

Sean explained “Metal Office Equipment has been at the forefront of premium quality office furniture for many years, to remain top of our game we have a laser focus on process, technology, quality, and efficiency. With this in mind, we have an investment strategy and programme of asset management that is borne out by this major investment.”The recently installed powder booth is shown to the right.

Sean continued “Powder coating has always been central to our operation and forms an extremely important part of our process. Over a 12 month period, we reviewed all the available options that met with the exacting business requirements.  The top options were then reviewed via a matrix of possibilities based on specific criteria - quality, durability, longevity, ease of operation and after-sales service. We concluded that the right decision was to switch away from our supplier of many years to the Gema brand, replacing our existing dense phase powder application system and replacing it with the advanced Gema SIT offering, a choice that has proven to be the right decision”

The Magic Compact fast colour change system features cutting edge technology from the industry leading Swiss supplier Gema. Packed with innovations including the SIT OptiSpray (pictured on opposite page).

The updated OptiSpray pump technology delivers new levels of constant and repeatable high quality coating results over extended production periods. Unlike a traditional four valve dense phase pump, the SIT uses Smart-Inline-Technology, two valves fitted inline, this provides an undisrupted powder path and delivers the perfect powder output. There is also far less to maintain than the older generation pumps, with half the number of valve maintenance requirements and costs are significantly reduced. The system also has integrated performance monitoring, as a result the operators are not required to manually inspect the pinch valve condition.

Sean concluded “The new Gema line has been in production for over 18 months, it has been put through its paces and the productivity gains and improvements are clear. Powder usage has reduced significantly which benefits everyone. Powder consumption not only has an impact on profitability but also, in real terms, has a significant environmental and carbon footprint impact.  Equipment usability has improved immensely, this enables the operators to work more efficiently and enjoy their working environment. The quality of finish and application for matt, gloss and textured coatings is outstanding, this is a benefit to everyone in the end-to-end process.”

Due to Metal Office Equipment’s high production demands meticulous planning was required to minimise disruption and down time as well as mitigate risk, Leon Hogg, Business Manager – Gema UK explained some of the wider benefits of selecting Gema as your powder coating booth supplier, “To position ourselves to provide the very best in end-to-end project delivery we have invested significantly within the Gema UK business.  This continuous investment in our personnel and technology ensures that we deliver complex projects on time and mitigates risk for our customers. Our highly experienced UK team consists of design & project management, installation, commissioning and training engineers, so we have all bases covered. This end-to-end UK based engineering provision allows us to support projects such as Metal Office, providing our customers with safety and security and ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget. In Metal Office Equipment’s case the complete line was installed within a 14 day period, with Metal Office producing the finest quality powder finished products to their customers.”

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