Developments in the fight against Coronavirus

Richard Geiss GmbH rapidly expands production to support anti pandemic measures and supplies 40,000 litres of hand disinfectant for the Offingen region of southern Germany.

Help against Coronavirus: Richard Geiss GmbH based in Offingen, Bavaria, puts an end to the local shortage of disinfectants required to maintain the crusade to return to a world free of infection. The world-renowned solvent manufacturing specialist has modified its production capability and has now secured the supply chain of hand disinfectants in the Günzburg district of Bavaria. In the first stage of expansion, the family owned business is set to deliver approximately 40,000 litres per week to various public institutions and departments in Swabia. These, in turn, then further complete the distribution network of the disinfectant to where it is most needed namely hospitals, clinics, retirement homes and care establishments as well as all public facilities.

Bastian Geiss, Managing Partner and CEO of Richard Geiss GmbH commented “It simply cannot be that doctors, clinics and hospitals run out of disinfectants.  It was therefore immediately clear to me that we had to act positively in response to the worsening Coronavirus situation.”  In a remarkable and rapidly implemented addition to the company’s traditional production strategy, Richard Geiss changed its production in the chemical-pharmaceutical area and now provides for disinfectant manufacture.

Bastian Geiss, the third generation to be at the helm of the family business continued “The first consignment of approximately 15,000 litres has already been shipped to hospitals and pharmacies and the Günzburg district office. The next step is to increase our production capacity to 40,000 litres per week to expand our supply capability to the Bavaria and Swabia regions.”

The aim of Richard Geiss GmbH has been to supply a “ready to use” product for hygienic hand disinfection. Pharmacies, hospitals and other care establishments will not be required to mix or further dilute prior to use.

This has been made possible by the exceptional approval for hand disinfectants from the BAuA (Federal Agency for Occupational Safety and Health). Since mid-March, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry as well as companies in the chemical industry have been allowed to manufacture hand disinfectants. The disinfectant from Richard Geiss GmbH consists of ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerol and purified water.

Ethanol from the company's own production

The family-owned company in Offingen has already been producing ethanol as an important and increasingly scarce raw material for the disinfectant market. The ethanol is processed into an ultra-high-purity product in special distillation columns.

Bastian continued “In 2017/18 we invested in two new distillation columns for processing halogen-free solvents such as ethanol. This has given us significant benefits to prepare for the current situation and has enabled us to achieve this high product capacity for disinfectants of 40,000 litres per week within a very rapid timeframe.”

Thanks to state-of-the art technology employed in the new distillation columns, ethanol can be processed to an exceptionally high quality. The distillate achieves 99.9% of the quality of “virgin” material and can therefore also be used in hygienically sensitive areas such as the wider pharmaceutical industries.  In line with the company’s principal philosophy of recycling and the ultimate goal of ongoing sustainability when compared to the production of virgin material, ethanol distillates offer significant advantages in the quest to reduce carbon footprint and further improve environmental accreditations.

The core Richard Geiss philosophy has always been to embrace progressive manufacturing techniques in the preparation of a wide range of solvent species distillates in order to offer true sustainability with the emphasis on environmental protection.

The new ready-to-use disinfectant is generally transported in 20 litre canisters and, accordingly, Richard Geiss GmbH has acquired an additional filling plant in order to meet the demand.

Canisters are sent to the Günzburg district office via the company's own vehicle fleet, which then distributes the hand disinfectant to the appropriate locations. In addition to hospitals and clinics, the focus is also on retirement homes and other care facilities in the district. Bastian continued “of course, we also supply other counties in Swabia and Bavaria depending on where there is an urgent need.”

About Richard Geiss GmbH:

Based in Offingen in the Günzburg district of southern Germany Richard Geiss GmbH is one of the leading specialists in Europe for the processing of solvents. The company supplies solvents for industrial surface cleaning, for textile cleaning and for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Richard Geiss GmbH has an approved processing capacity of 50,000 tonnes of solvents per year which are processed into high-purity distillates. The company is certificated according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and as a waste processing centre in order to complete the supply loop.

Richard Geiss GmbH employs approximately 100 people in Offingen and remains a family owned company founded in 1959 by Richard Geiss.  It is now run by Bastian Geiss and his sister Nathalie Geiss-Zinner as third generation directors.

Richard Geiss GmbH is represented in the UK by Geiss UK Ltd.
Contact: Glenn Greenlees
Telephone: 07973 507401