Galvanizing Industry Open Door Event

The Galvanizing industry in the UK and Ireland will host an open-door event this Octoberto help further understanding of the batch hot dip galvanizing process. Aimed at architects,engineers, contractors and fabricators, the industry will aim to show how moderngalvanizing plants deliver corrosion protection that is easy to incorporate into a projectschedule, looks great and can last for generations.

The open day is a RIBA approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event, designed to strengthen links with the galvanizer in the supply chain. Visitors will get firsthand experience of the batch hot dip galvanizing process and gain increased understanding of how to design and fabricate with hot dip galvanizing in mind.

Iqbal Johal, Marketing Manager at Galvanizers Association says: “This will be the second time that we will have held this event. It proved really useful to a large client base last time, with around 500 people attending, and we have had calls for a repeat opportunity. There will be something in this visit for everyone within construction, as it offers the chance to learn about the value of corrosion protection and aesthetics of galvanizing, the efficiencies the process offers and the benefits of good communication. It is these learning points that can make a big difference.”

He continues: “Galvanizing has so many benefits from cost and reliability to longevity and inbuilt sustainability. Plant visits really help to communicate these advantages and highlight how galvanizing can be best factored into a project.”

As part of their CPD programme, Galvanizers Association is working with the construction industry to increase engagement with plants, within product development and at the design phase of projects.

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