Surface World Live 2022 was the perfect platform for Fraser Technologies to unveil new aqueous cleaning machine from Miele

At this year’s Surface World Live exhibition, Fraser Technologies unveiled its newest piece of cleaning equipment from Miele, the SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 aqueous cleaning machines.

The single chamber aqueous cleaning system is only 65cm wide, providing a large internal capacity within a small footprint. It offers a flexible chamber space, allowing a wide range of components to be cleaned quickly at the same time.

The machine provides a smart load system, flexible and intelligent controls, a highly efficient cleaning process, a wide range of load carriers and accessories, and it allows for visual monitoring of the chamber via a glass window with internal lighting.

The machines are especially effective for flux removal from electronic PCB assemblies but are ideally suited for many other specialist cleaning applications as well.

Roy Goshawk, Sales Manager at Fraser Technologies, said: “This is an innovative aqueous cleaning machine from a high-end manufacturer with a reputation for excellent reliability and strong customer support. The machine is suitable for customers from multiple industries, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical devices. Manufacturers can use aqueous cleaning solutions for a variety of metals, including stainless steel, copper and brass, to remove grease, cutting fluids and general particulate. These systems are also commonly used for flux removal in the electronics sector

“Initial trials of the new process with a number of our customers have been extremely positive. The efficiency of the single chamber system can save time and operating costs, while still providing high-level results. It’s an exciting new option for aqueous component cleaning, and we’re looking forward to rolling it out to new and existing customers over the coming months.”

Single chamber aqueous cleaning processes are a low cost, environmentally friendly method of cleaning a wide variety of components in a wide range of industries. There are an almost endless number of cleaning chemistry options to suit every application; even the most stubborn contaminants can be removed to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness are achieved. The equipment is highly specified with additional system options for monitoring and enhancing the process further. This, combined with a large array of tooling and baskets, make this system a formidable one stop shop.

Fraser Technologies is a leading provider of both aqueous and solvent cleaning solutions and equipment. The expert team looks at each job individually, and then advises on the cleaning fluids, cleaning systems and equipment that will provide optimum results for your business.

Fraser Technologies said after the show, “We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who visited us at Surface World Live 2022. It was great to see everyone in person again, catch up with current customers and meet many potential new ones”.

“If you didn’t manage to pop down please contact us to find out more about what precision cleaning equipment systems and chemistries we have to offer”.

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