"This was our first participation at Surface World Live and it went very well. The UK market is a new and attractive market for us"

ColorX series powder coating booths are produced from antistatic PVC material. Thanks to its smooth and slippery surface, it offers faster and comprehensive cleaning.

It allows you to save in terms of time and paint. It is suitable for manual and automatic applications. Its compact design allows operators to easily control the booths.

It is the best solution for continuous production. Feeding powder to the guns is done by powder coating centers.

E-Booth ColorX can be used with powder coating centers PM120 or PM130 with 20 or 30 injector modules, where adjustments and cleaning are done manually.

Also for automated systems, it can be used with powder coating centers PM220 or PM230 with 20 or 30 injector modules, or with pumped type powder coating center PM324P.

Our powder coating centers used for automated processes have fast colour change and automatic cleaning features. The part detection system we offer as an option can detect gaps, height and width.
It is programmed to provide the best savings and the best paint quality according to the shape of each product to be painted.

It is designed in accordance with the 2014/34/EU Explosive Atmosphere Directive with reference to the EN16985: 2018 Standard. Optionally, Mobile Control Panel and Fire Suppression System are available.

Surface World Live spoke to Electron, ‘’This was our first participation in the exhibition and it went very well for us. The UK market is a new and attractive market for us and we look forward to speaking to prospective customers’’

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