Carlisle Fluid Technologies launches the new MS topcoater Elite

Carlisle Fluid Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the MS topcoater Elite, mobile powder coating system. The MS topcoater Eliteis the latest edition to the new MS Topcoater range of mobile powder coating systems. The MS topcoater series represents the forefront of powder application technology in a compact mobile unit.

This newest range of applicators includes the MS topcoat M4 gun, the lightest manual gun in its class at only 380 grams. This Ultralight powder spray gun has a balanced ergonomic design which helps to reduces operator fatigue and thus improve productivity.

A particular feature of the MS topcoater Elite is the speed with which the unit can be cleaned and colours changed.  Automatic cleaning system with an injector rod, allows for colour changes in 30 seconds. The powder is drawn directly from the original packaging which further simplifies the change-over process and minimises powder material waste.

The MS topcoater Elite benefits from the latest in applicator control technology.  An easy to read, intuitive control touch screen allows the operator to access the advanced control functions, even when wearing protective gloves. A Patented corona feedback system ensures high-quality coatings without the need for additional accessories. As well as being very easy to use, MS topcoater Elite offer outstanding powder charging and high transfer efficiency which gives the best possible finish to the coating.

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