Carlisle Fluid Technologies to attend Surface World Live 2020 now in February next year

Carlisle Fluid Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carlisle Companies, Inc., announced that we will be attending Surface World Live 2020 in Birmingham, UK, on the new dates next year, from February 24th and 25th, 2021. The Surface World Live 2020 exhibition is considered the UK’s only event dedicated to the surface treatment, product finishing and coatings industry.

Carlisle Fluid Technologies will be presenting our industry-leading technologies and solutions for the supply, control, application and curing of coated materials, including paint, powder, sealants and adhesives, foams and other plural component materials at the exhibition.

Over the last year, we have introduced innovations designed to maximise and provide precision through industrial coating applications. These solutions will be available to view and discuss your specific material application coating needs at our stand at Surface World Live 2020 – Stand E1.

In 2019, Carlisle Fluid Technologies launched our latest automatic application solution, the Binks® AG-364 Airless automatic spray gun. The Binks® AG-364 Airless Spray Gun offers higher transfer efficiency and provides a cleaner application environment. Available in configurations to handle both recirculating and non-recirculating material supply systems, this airless spray gun reduces paint waste and daily maintenance.

Our new Ransburg® RansFlex Automatic Electrostatic 65kV spray gun, for use within industrial applications, is an air atomising, low-pressure electrostatic spray gun powered by a compact power supply, that can be used with machine mounts such as stationary stands or reciprocators as an entry level automation solution. This new advanced electrostatic finishing spray gun features DeVilbiss® atomisation technology coupled with Ransburg®’s electrostatic power to provide superior atomisation, transfer efficiency and performance.

As Carlisle Fluid Technologies continues to grow our capabilities, we look forward to sharing with you more about our developing market platforms.

Our CFT Powder Solutions platform is fueled by MS®, offering system-based and manual powder coating solutions. MS® provides the fastest-growing technology for finishing metal, wood, MDF, and plastics, with a more efficient process than liquid paint through less waste and fewer VOCs. Our Color Change Wizard enables color changes in just 6-10 minutes, with a simplified process to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

We take a modular approach to each MS® configuration to best suit your specific needs, using our intuitive control system in each setup to make each step in the process quick and easy to program, with remote access for diagnostics and updates. At the last stage, your finishing process can be automated with our curing ovens, controls, and conveyors.

We look forward to seeing you at Stand E1 at Surface World Live 2020 now being held on February 24th and 25th 2021 to learn about your business’s material application needs, and offer our industry-leading solutions to help you achieve your maximum potential in coating applications.

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