The next generation in orange peel measurement

The appearance of paint and plastic surfaces is affected by structures, often referred to as orange peel. In the production of cars and similar multi-component goods many materials are used under various manufacturing processes. The goal - and challenge - is to create a harmonious overall impression of all parts. Especially the paint application process is influenced by many parameters, being paint viscosity, substrate roughness or film thickness, to name just a few examples. Objective measurement data are required for quality communication and to guarantee process stability.

Visual perception of orange peel depends on the size and distinctness of wavy structures. The wave-scan analyzes waviness intensity with 5 wavelength ranges (0.1 mm - 30 mm) and evaluates the brilliance of the surface. The results form a “structure spectrum” and help to analyse and optimise the surface quality based on material and process parameters.

A new, additional approach is developed to filter the optical profile of the surface using fast fourier transformation (FFT), to determine dominant waviness sizes and their intensity. In visual studies it became obvious that observers can distinguish samples based on the dominant wavelengths. This data can be used to improve e.g. fibre-reinforced composites.

wave-scan 3 - The next generation

The new wave-scan 3 family comes with a fresh design to accommodate an extra-large color touch display. Operation and feel is as intuitive as you are used to with your smart-phone. Capacitive display technology provides a state-of-the-art haptic touch.

The fastest chip ever calculates complex waviness scales in no time at all and lets you do more in the same time. The new touch display enables an easy, intuitive menu navigation with new functions like e.g. “Quick Check” for measuring without saving. “Organizers” let you guide through a customised sampling procedure to measure a car body. In the “Measure” menu, use own standards with scales and statistics defined in the instrument or in smart-chart including the limits for Pass/Fail. The big display offers enough space for all statistical data and - for the first time, the data can now be displayed even with Pass/Fail indication in colour.

Measure orange peel on high and semi gloss surfaces

Substrate quality can telegraph through the coating and cause a “fuzzy” appearance. The substrate can be steel, e-coat or primer which are often low gloss finishes. The wave-scan 3 dual employes additional sensorics for semi gloss surfaces. Thus, the surface quality after each process step can be specified and objectively evaluated. From substrate to top coat, from film thickness to levelling - wave-scan is the diagnostic and QC tool at the same time to keep the process under control.

Standardised process monitoring with smart-chart

Transfer your measuring data via docking station or directly connect with USB - cable. Optionally, wireless data transfer with Wi-Fi function can be activated on request.

The software smart-chart includes powerful standard management for defining all essential appearance parameters with Pass/Fail tolerances. Its “Organiser” set-up enables clear sample identification and a menu guided operation on the instrument. From single test series to trend reports over time or special charts for trouble shooting, smart-chart is the global tool for process stability.

The software includes many NEW functions like e.g. “Drill-in” on any data point will show the history of the last 20 readings. Dynamic print layout let you create own reports for professional documentation.