Automatic dosing of pretreatment chemicals

Many companies are still making manual chemical additions to pretreatment tanks backed up by a regular testing regime. These manual additions can be eliminated by installing Automatic Dosing Equipment.

At B C Metal Finishing we supply a full range of dosing equipment from the entry level dosing pump to a fully automated system. When a fully automated system is installed this provides:

  • Consistent process control
  • Digital read out of control parameters
  • Reduced testing frequencies
  • Elimination of handling of heavy drums
  • Facilitates supply in 200 litre drums or IBCs
  • Reduction in chemical costs
  • Eliminates the disposal of 25 litre plastic drums
  • Reduced water usage

The fully automated system can be panel mounted thereby showing all the instrumentation in one area, or each unit individually surface mounted in the process tank vicinity.

The process solutions can be controlled and monitored using Electrodeless Conductivity, pH measurement, timed dosing, proportional dosing or adjustable dosing.

The main method of control for pretreatment process solutions is conductivity control. This is reliable and accurate, and the dip cells are robust having a long service life. In some instances the process solution may not show a conductivity change in this case pH control is preferred. This is accurate although the dip cells are less robust; need regular calibration and being glass are more susceptible to damage. In effluent treatment tanks pH control is the normal as this provides a digital read out of the water going to foul sewer.

In conclusion automatic processing is the answer to consistent processing, considerably reducing the amount of time required to carry out titrations. It is still important to manually check the process strengths, all be it on a less frequent basis.

At B C Metal finishing we have been supplying fully automatic process control systems for over thirty years and are well versed in the up to date technology so being a specialist pretreatment chemical supplier we fully understand the specific requirements of each individual company. The full range of chemicals and services we offer are shown on

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