Axalta Coating Systems and Brink Towing Systems BV to collaborate on automotive tow bars

Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, and the Netherlands-based towing systems manufacturer Brink Towing Systems BV have signed an agreement which sees the tow bars manufactured by Brink to be coated with Axalta’s high-performance cathodic electrocoat, AquaEC™ 3000.

Lodewijk Berg, Project Leader at Brink Towing Systems, says, “we are pleased to see the project moving forward. We have all worked hard to ensure this new electrocoat line will be reliable and effective. The outstanding quality of our tow bars produced in cooperation with Axalta, which meet strict specification requirements, was recognised by many automotive manufacturers worldwide, including traditionally demanding high-end luxury car brands, such as Jaguar and BMW.”

The contract, which was signed on 11 September 2017, is the result of the long-standing and successful partnership between Axalta and Brink, which has always aimed to improve the efficiency of the tow bar coating process and to ensure outstanding quality of the final product.

Henk Goossens, Axalta’s Sales Leader for Industrial Coatings in Benelux and France, says, “we are happy to cement our relationship with one of the global leaders in the towing industry, and to share our extensive knowledge and technical expertise in both automotive and industrial coatings. Axalta is always ready to provide technical assistance to its customers and to ensure that applied coatings not only deliver outstanding appearance and anti-corrosion resistance but also meet the highest industry and environmental standards.”

Axalta’s AquaEC 3000 is a family of two pack epoxy-based primers chosen by many manufacturers of automotive parts and accessories, switch gear and computer components. It offers excellent mechanical properties, good chemical resistance and superior corrosion protection. The primer is based on a waterborne lead- and tin-free formula that makes it environmentally-responsible as well as REACH and HAPS compliant. It can be applied on a variety of substrates and produces a smooth surface finish due to its wide application window and high contamination resistance.

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